(Anglais - Russe)

шотландский берет


(Turc - Anglais)

out and out; unmitigated; exact; just; absolute; accurate; complete; consummate; correct; due; entire; exactly; express; flat; full; implicit; ingrain; orthodox; outright; perfect; plenary; precise; proper; rank; refined; solid; sound; square; stark; superb; thorough; thoroughbred; thoroughgoing; thoroughpaced; true; unabridged; unobstructed; unqualified; utter; verbatim; very; whole; accomplished; according to cocker; all-out; at the time; bang; bang-on; blank; clear; dead; desperately; downright; engrained; even; factual; full complement; fully; ingrained; intact; integral; intimate; literal; mathematical; out-and-out; overall; plumb; plunk; positive; precisely; prize; prompt; rightdown; round; sharp; sheer; simple; slap-bang; slick; spot-on; straight; strict; the very; trueborn; unalloyed; unambiguous; unredeemed; unreserved


(Turc - Russe)

непревзойденным; точное; несомненно; жутким

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